Agile, Lean and Competitive Enterprise


Agile, Lean and Competitive Enterprise

ECMM 113: Agile, Lean and Competitive Enterprise
The mini-project has three different titles. You can choose one of the three titles as your topic of research, or a topic of your own choice in relation to agility or latest manufacturing strategies, as agreed with the lecturer. You are required to submit an individual report of your study of the topic. Progress may be discussed at tutorial sessions, facilitated by the lecturer.
Project Titles
1. Research on agility implementation – the state-of-the-art and future.
2. Virtual enterprises – past, current and future prospect.
3. Mass customisation – past, current research and potential future development.
The projects are short research / investigations and are primarily based on literature studies. These are expected to enable each student to study under the guidance of the supervisor, the chosen topic in depth, learn to critically analyse the literature and present findings. Industrial cases are welcome in the studies. The report should cover an introduction to agile manufacturing, followed by a critical study and analysis of the literature related to the chosen topic, then the findings and some comments about future development in the chosen topic.
A target length would be around 4000 words, or not exceeding 25 pages. This assignment is to be done by individuals, not by groups.
The assignment will be marked according to the marking scheme attached. Think about this as you plan your work.
This assignment is worth 70% of the marks for the whole module.
Marking Criteria
1. a) Background knowledge and understanding of agility (10 marks)
2. b) Understanding of the chosen topic (10 marks)
3. c) Identification of literatures (20 marks)
4. d) Critical analysis of the state – of – the – art and literature (30 marks)
5. e) Findings and conclusion (10 marks)
6. f) Discussion on future direction (10 marks)
7. g) Presentation of report (10 marks)

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