Reactionary Religions/Philosophy and Class Stratification


Reactionary Religions/Philosophy and Class Stratification

Compose an essay for the prompt that explains and connects the terms together to answer the question at hand. You must include at least 4 of the corresponding terms into your response, unless otherwise noted. I do not want you to just define the terms- You need to demonstrate conceptual understanding by linking them together to provide a detailed and coherent picture of the topic. Your answers will likely range in length, however, 2.5 pages per question should be the minimum. You are welcome to write more, within reason, if you would like. The essays should be typed with 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced and have 1” margins (Chicago formatting).
PROMPT Reactionary Religions/Philosophy and Class Stratification:
We’ve discussed three regions in which religion and/or philosophy are born as a reaction to social/political environment. Considering that, ultimately, the goal of each “reaction” is to maximize social justice, happiness and harmony with in society, analyze the progression and role of class stratification, how it presented in specific civilizations and how/why reactionary ideas seek to stabilize it. (you MUST include at least 2/3 regions, OR 6 of the terms in your paper).
a. Social Hierarchy
b. Specialization and place/role in society
c. Zhou Dynasty, Warring States Period and Spring/Autumn Period
d. Confucianism, Legalism and/ or Daoism
e. The Vedic World and Brahmanism (Varna, caste, race, etc)
f. Buddhism and/or Jainism
g. Greece, Athens and Peloponnesian War
h. Plato’s Republic

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